Fall in Love with God

We all desire to “fall in love”, but the perception is we can only experience this when we are in a relationship. But what if we could still experience this as a single person? We can be in a relationship with God and encounter a love like never before. Let’s fall in love with God.

When I had broken up with my boyfriend, the first couple of months were hard. Every time I saw a happy couple together, I thought to myself, “I’m missing out.” I missed the feeling of falling in love.

My boyfriend would always be the first person in my mind when I woke up and the last person on my mind when I was about to sleep. I’d always look forward to reading his texts the moment I woke up and every night. He would always be someone I could go to when I was discouraged.

So when God told me to let go of the relationship, I felt empty. And for a while, I thought the single life was supposed to be empty until I could find someone to be in a relationship with again. But through this experience, God opened my eyes to see that I didn’t need anyone to experience falling in love. God showed me that I could fall in love with him.

The past couple of months have been the best months of my life because I was falling in love with God. When I had no one to turn to when things were rough, I learned to turn to God. I went deeper into his presence and word. His words and promises were what I held on to morning and night. I started putting post-it notes of God’s promises on the walls in my room so that I could remind myself of his love and faithfulness when everything seemed hopeless. God became my first thought every morning and the last voice I heard every night. He became my comfort and love when I had no one else to draw from.

As I obeyed and surrendered my life fully to God, he started opening doors for my dreams to come true. He helped me with the resources I needed to start Living Revelations Ministry and brought people into my life who were willing to serve and grow the ministry. He also opened opportunities for me to expand Living Revelation’s reach through YMI and the Singles Ministry at my church. God then started using me through the prophetic. I found myself being an encouragement and influence to my family, friends/ministry, and co-workers. God has been so gracious to me and never fails to surprise me each day. I wake up every day now looking forward to a new adventure with God.

Without me realizing, I was falling in love with God and still am today.

Because I’ve experienced God’s love, I can’t stop praising him and talking about his goodness. Psalm 63:3 says, “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” We must have a relationship with God if we want to experience his love. Christianity was never made to be about religious acts, but about falling in love with Jesus. We were never created to come to God dreadfully, but joyfully.

God wants us to be excited to spend time with him just as we are excited to spend time with our significant other. We don’t need to wait until we have found “the one” to experience true love. True love is only found in God. There is no love that surpasses God’s love. Psalm 36:5 says, “Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.”

God loved us so much that he came to earth in human flesh as Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus died so that we could have life abundantly now and forever. God wants us to experience his love now on earth.

God’s love will change our lives and others around us. I’m able to love others the way I do now because I’ve experienced God’s love in my own life. We can only give true love when we’ve received true love from God. “We love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)

Are you falling in love with God? Are you excited to spend time with God or is time with God the last thing you want to do on your list?

Our father in heaven wants to have a relationship with you. Will you accept God’s love and do life with him?

God loves you so much and wants you to fall in love with him. You don’t need to search for love elsewhere because God’s love is available now for you. You will find yourself falling in love like never before when you take the time to build a relationship with God. God has the ability to surprise you, encourage you, and love you like no other. So remember, fall in love with God.

 Prayer: Lord, I want to fall in love with you more each and every day.
– Gaby Triyono
Living Revelations


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