Dance with Him

Almost every girl enjoys dancing. Some of us don’t care whom we dance with, as long as we’re dancing with someone. Yet others prefer dancing alone.

What’s better?

Dancing alone is better than dancing with the wrong person. But dancing alone without someone to guide you or lead you and make you laugh is not as memorable. Although I enjoy dancing by myself, I prefer dancing with a partner whom can make me feel extra special and like I’m the only girl on the dance floor.

Life is like a dance floor, but who is your dance partner? Some of you reading this are single, dating, or married. Regardless of your marital status, dancing with Him should never stop.

Who’s “He?” You may ask. “He” is The One your heart should beat for the very second you wake up each morning. “He” is The One your hope and trust should be in.

“The One” we yearn to meet in our season of singleness does not compare to THE ONE who loved us first. Our season of singleness is a precious temporary gift that comes with an expiration date. That’s right! Your season of singleness will not last forever although it may seem like it at times.

While we patiently wait for the expiration date to arrive, we are to dance with Him. We are to hold tight to His promises while He strategically leads us into His perfect plans for our lives. We are to maximize our singleness by taking advantage of the time we have to ourselves.

God won’t lead you where He hasn’t yet gone. He goes before us and paves the way for our future. Will you follow His lead? Or will you ignore His leading because you’re too impatient to wait on His perfect timing?

In our season of singleness, our eyes should lock with His so when things or people present themselves to us, God will give us the ability to distinguish between what comes from Him and what the devil is trying to use to distract us and deceive us from the rich and satisfying life God has prepared for us.

Although I desire to meet my future husband and begin to make memories with him, I would not change this season of my life for anything. God knows my desires, He knows what I need, but right now God delights in dancing with me.

Him and I are making memories together. He knows me better than I do myself. When I am fully ready to be led by a man and that man fully ready to lead me, God will gladly hand me over to the man who is worthy of His priced possession: Me.

James 1:18 (NLT)

“And we, out of all creation, became his prized possession.”  

You too are God’s prized possession! The most valuable being in His sight He couldn’t imagine creation without! Above all else, God cares deeply about you. To others you may be worth nothing, but to God you are worth millions!

So if you’re single this Valentines Day, I encourage you to embrace it and take advantage of the dance floor by dancing with Him. He wants to direct your steps on this beautiful once in a lifetime journey called singleness. Don’t despise it. Maximize it!

There are countless of opportunities for you to begin making memories with God while you’re still single. Your love story begins the moment you meet the author of it – God. Why wait until you’re in a relationship with a man to start sharing your love story?

Share what God has done in your life, what He’s currently doing and what you are believing to see Him do in the future for you! Be encouraged this Valentine’s Day, you are never alone and your season of singleness is a precious gift meant to be opened and utilized, not shamed or placed on the shelf for display without enjoying it.

Take time to listen to We Dance by Bethel. Let this song remind you of His love for you while you imagine holding his arms and dancing with Him.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, the one promise I know from you and hold dear to my heart is that I am not alone. Even when I feel lonely you are there with me ready to comfort me. Lord, in my season of singleness, I pray you help me trust you with all my heart despite my feelings and circumstances. Fix my eyes on you so I don’t depend on my own understanding. Strengthen me to seek your will in all I do and show me what steps to take. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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